blaquin (blaquin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boric acid capsules during sex

Hey all,

So I recently got a mild yeast infection and I've been treating with boric acid capsules. The infection seems to have successfully gone away, but I'm keeping at it for a few more days. I inserted one last night before going to bed with my boyfriend, not expecting to have sex. But we did, and afterward, when washing up, I noticed the capsule had gone and there wasn't noticeable signs of the acid powder. Did it dissolve and become absorbed from all the friction, or could it have been shoved into the womb (if such a thing is even possible)? I did notice that I became dryer during intercourse after a certain time, so it could possibly have been the release of the powder? And if it was absorbed, are there any side effects, because I know boric acid is meant to kill what's inside the vagina and not become absorbed by healthy tissue.

Thanks :)
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