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What does endometriosis feel like?

Oh, the story that is my reproductive tract. I'll spare you a novel, and just tell you that it's NEVER been cooperative. I had heavy/painful/irregular cycles for teenage years, then had NO cycles for 3 years, then HBC for 2yrs, and I've now had a Paragard IUD for 1 year.

The first 8 months of the Paragard, I spotted/had random (but not daily) pains. After a HUGE runaround, I finally got diagnosed with PCOS and, shortly thereafter, developed a large hemmoragic cyst in addition to my small PCOS cysts. That finally burst, and I was placed on Metformin, 500mg/day. Met gave me my first 2 months of NO spotting, with one to two days of bleeding exactly a month apart. The cramps I had weren't pleasant, but I figured my body was just getting started up again.

The problem? Apparently my body WAS gearing up - for horrible menses. Now on month 3 of regular cycles (this is the most regular I've ever been in my entire life off HBC), my period is pretty horrible. I am bleeding nickel sized clots, going through a regular absorbency tampon in 2 hrs, so the bleeding is heavy but nothing to panic about. The PAIN is something else. I am having fairly severe (5/10) pain in all the "normal" period places: low back, central low abdomen, but then I have INTENSE (8/10) pain over my left ovary. I know it's my left ovary, because that's the exact same place I had the cyst, and that felt extremely similar. This more intense pain burns/bores and does not respond to 800mg ibuprofen. Tylenol 3 seems to cut it back, but I can't do too much.

I've come up with a few possible options

1. I've just never had an actual ovulatory cycle before, my left ovary is finally ovulating, and it feels like hell.
2. I've never had a full-blown "Paragard Period" before and this is my first one (after 1 yr?)
3. The cyst I had was actually an endometrioma, and my left ovary is now "bleeding" during my period from endometriosis adhesions.

For those of you who know about endometriosis, how likely does this sound? Should I just give up on staying away from hormones altogether and go back on HBC? I feel GREAT the rest of the month - this seems to be just period related.

Thanks soooo much! 
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