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some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

switching pill time from 10pm to 11am for a few days - how to do it?

Hullo VPers!

In three weeks I'm going to change the time I take my HBC at for a few days. I usually take it at 10pm, but I'm going to Bonnaroo (music festival) and I think the best option is going to be for me to take it around 11am instead. Taking it at night would require me to remember it while I'm out having fun at shows, plus bringing the pills into the main festival area (through security) would be really problematic.

I'm currently in the middle of my placebo week, so I'll be starting the new pack on Sunday. The ones that I'll need to take in the morning will be the last three pills of the pack, which might work out well, I suppose.

What does anybody suggest as the best way to go about rearranging my pill-taking times for those days?

Since I'll be taking them earlier in the day, is it okay to just take them at that time or do I have to somehow back the times up gradually? And then when I go to start the next pack - is it okay to take the first pill of that pack at my usual 10pm, or since that would technically be late based on when I will have taken the last active pill, would I be compromising the effectiveness and running a risk that those extra hours will give my ovaries time to wake up?

Oh, and while I'm here - does anyone else find that their withdrawal bleeds take a while to show up? I just started bleeding today (been taking inactive pills since Sunday night). I'm surprised it took it so long to start. And if anyone else is the same way, how long do they last? I have plans on Sunday that I would rather not bleed all over, but now that I didn't manage to start bleeding until today I'm worried that I'm going to still be leaking on Sunday.
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