spillthestars (spillthestars) wrote in vaginapagina,

Feeling really uneducated..

So I feel like I need to not worry about this but I have been..
Background: I fooled around with this boy about a week ago on a Saturday night. We did not have penetrative sex but his penis was right at my vagina for about a minute. I understand how strange this sounds but I'm really worried that I could be pregnant from this. I have heard multiple times that you can get pregnant without penetration from "precum. " I feel really irresponsible after I realized what had gone on. I am on birth control but messed up the pills a couple of days before this. Saturday was about the 7th pill of my pack but the two pills I screwed up were Wednesday and Thursday, I usually take these at 8pm but I didn't each until the next morning. I had started spotting because of this but was done by Saturday. Basically I just need somebody's expertise on a situation like this. I am very worried and I have to wait about 10 pills before I will get my regular period. Thanks for any input. :(

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