justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cramps, nausea, not pregnant...

Hey everyone.
Background: von Willebrands disease, continuous birth control (pill, haven't taken a placebo week in about 5 months because of an iron infusion, and i cannot lose that iron), boyfriend is incapable of finishing during sex

I have been having awful cramps from my bellybutton to my knees for 12 days on and off. I also feel really nauseous. My gyno scheduled a saline ultrasound/hysteroscopy, but said there are no openings for one month. I called and called, eventually got an appointment just to see her, the pelvic exam hurt to the point of tears (I've had painful sex for months, but it hasn't always been this way, she also has no answer as to why that hurts), even the finger exam hurt. She found nothing, felt horrible, and said there's nothing she can do.

So here I am, feeling totally nauseous and crampy, waking me up in the middle of the night, wanting to sleep all day because I just feel crappy. I got a pregnancy test just because it's protocal at my gyno's office, but since I take the pill religiously and my boyfriend is incapable of finishing around me, it would be a virgin mary incident.

Any help? I don't know what to do :(. The abdominal pain isn't pain, persay, it's more of a weakness. I don't know how to deal with this. Also some lower back pain.


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