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Itchy vagina


Exactly 2 weeks ago (Wednesday), I had protected sex with my boyfriend. The next day (Thursday) my vagina started itching, it wasn't anything dramatic, I didn't think much of it. The itching increased over the two days after that. I looked with a mirror, there was nothing abnormal, no spots, not sores, not even red, just the usual pink. There were no discharge and no odor either. It wasn't a constant itching but rather coming and going, I noticed it was worse at night and in the morning right after I got up. On Friday I went out to buy anti-itch Vagisil cream, after using it for 24-36 hours, it did not help.

By Sunday it was driving me crazy so I went to a walk-in clinic thinking maybe I had a beginning of vaginal infection. The doctor took a look and said she didn't see anything. She swabbed the itchy area (which is just underneath the clitoris, at the entrance) and prescribed me with "ratio-nystatin". She told me to apply twice daily and that I should be okay after 2-3 days. She said she would call me if anything came back from the swab.

I did as she said. The itching stopped a few minutes after I put on the cream and for a day or two I was fine. Everything seemed well.

This past Saturday I had sex again, same boyfriend, unprotected this time, but I've been taking the pill for over 6 years with success. Our intercourse lasted quite a bit and I went in the shower right away afterwards to wash (when it started itching I thought it was cause I waited 30min before washing). For 24 hours my vagina felt sore and irritated, but this had happened to me before I didn't think much of it. Sunday I started my periods as usual.

Since yesterday (Tuesday) though, the itching has started again. When I got up this morning it was REALLY itchy. I washed carefully in the shower and rubbed a little to try and relieve myself because at this point, it's literally driving me nuts. I didn't put cream on because as I'm still on my periods, though they should likely be done sometime tomorrow.

I'm thinking of going back to the doctor tomorrow (Thursday) after work to get it checked out since it's still itching off and on. Since I left home and have gotten to work this morning, the itching is still present but its a lot less. But it feels like the itchy spot is irritated now, which it didn't feel like earlier.

Nothing has changed: I'm still using the same body soap (Dove for sensitive skin), same laundry soap, same condoms, etc. We didn't use any kind of cream or lub during sex either.

My boyfriend had been to the doctor the week before for his annual, got checked up and he's got nothing. I had my annual in December 2010 and am fine as well. We have been together for almost 2 years.

Any insight on what might be going on? I've never experienced this and it's REALLY bothering me.

Should I re-start applying the cream? It doesn't seem to have worked even though I used it as prescribed for 5 days.


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