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In Clinic abortion questions

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Hello all you awesome vp-ers!
I had a question about in clinic abortions, I have had one before so the procedure is familiar. I was going to opt for the abortion pill, but I am moving a couple of days after my appointment (I am riding along, not driving, and will be doing no heavy lifting for the move) so I would be unable to make the follow up appointment. I also decided I would rather have it done right then, it makes me more comfortable. The only problem is that my clinic is two hours away from my home, and they need someone to pick me up. Unfortunately I do not have anyone close to me who would be willing or able to go with me for the procedure. I understand that they cannot let me drive away after being sedated (I wouldn't want to, esspecailly since I already have an idea of how it will be due to my last one.) But is there a way for me to still get the procedure if i dont have a ride? Do they allow taxis to pick you up? any and all input would be valuable and appriciated. thanks!


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