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Evap lines or BFP?

Ok VPers, tell me what you think... I think they're evap lines, but I'm not sure... Here's the best pic I could get (with my cell phone, so forgive the quality, my camera was washing it out)

I'm on CD31 and 16DPSO (S= suspected). I have been fairly regular with 28 day cycles since I got back on track from my last pregnancy, although (wish some will power and encouragement) last cycle AF arrived 2 days early. I've had every symptom in the book from sore breasts and fatigue to nausea and super nose. All tests either come up as a BFN or with these random (evap?) lines (been testing since 9DPSO). They are Clinical Guard (cheap internet) test strips, although I took a dollar tree test on the 12th and if you are in the right light and squint REALLY hard, you can kinda sorta maybe see something on it, but I'm calling evap or imagination on that one too! LOL (I didn't even see it until my husband pointed it out and even then I was skeptical if I was REALLY seeing it).

So what do you all think? are these tests just out to drive me more crazy than I already am? LOL Or is there a BFP there?
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