catastrophic smile (_forcemajeure_) wrote in vaginapagina,
catastrophic smile

anal hurting

I've seen others make posts regarding anal sex, so I figured it would be okay here.

So, I used to really like anal sex. So much so that I probably preferred it over vaginal. I never had to use lube during anal and it was always pleasant and I enjoyed it. Now anytime I try to have anal it hurts. Like, I can't even let the guy go in, it kind of feels like like my sphincters start burning or something. I have no idea why my body went from having no pain whatsoever during anal to not even being able to do anal because it hurts so much. I've tried all the basic preparation steps (relaxation, lube, warming up with fingers first) and it hasn't helped. Any thoughts on what the problem may be? I'm worried that it may be a serious physical problem since I used to have no issues with anal sex in the past. Thanks for any insight/suggestions.
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