hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

Copper IUD

I'm really against hormonal birth control (for me) and I'm way too afraid to rely on condoms or the Rhythm method etc. Does anyone know about the Copper IUD or have experience with it? I've heard they fall out easier on women who haven't had a child and that's why sometimes doctors do not like inserting them. Advice?

And how much does it roughly cost in the U.S.? I have insurance but I rather not have my parents know I'd possibly be getting it for privacy reasons since it's strictly a birth control method(I'm still on their insurance and can't claim its for "pms" or other reasons-- they're pre-martial relations).

Thank you everyone. This month has been a really HUGE scare for me, and I'm trying to get my sexual life in order while being mentally and physically safe.
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