~* (funkyfresh) wrote in vaginapagina,

yet another concern about birth control

Hi everyone!

I know there have been 101 posts about HBC and I am sorry to add to the number, but haven't seen anything really similar to my question(s).

I am currently on The Pill, honestly I'm not even 100% sure on the name (Nexon? Nicon? Something in that range) and have been on it since last August.

Long story short, I want to get off it.I have just recently noticed spider veins on my legs and ankles, which I never had before. Of course, I went straight onto Google (I know, I know) and saw HBC can likely be a cause of this. I have also been an eotional and moody wreck since being on the pill and I never really put 2 and 2 together until recently. 40 lbs later (some of which is due to my bad eating/exercise habits, but all started around the time of starting HBC), I am DONE!

So, I'm looking to get off it, but my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex and are not looking to change that...if possible.

So! My questions are:
-are there any HBC or non-HBC that you would reccomend I try? I have no children and would like to some day, so Mirena or something of the sort is out.
-if nothing else, would you recommend fertility awareness methods? My understanding is there really is only a short timeframe where one is likely to get pregnant. I am aware that precum has the possibilty to impregnate but how likely would that be if we avoided unprotected sex during my 'fertile times' lol
-any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, even if just to tell me I'm an idiot and just asking to get pregnant.

Thanks so much! And sorry for lack of cut, I'm on my phone and don't know the code off the top of my head!
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