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I have ring worm, which is a horrbile thing for me. I am allergic to fungus and since ringworm is a fungus when it first broke out into hives. Horrible, Nasty, Agressive, hives all over my body. Most of them concentrated on the top half of my body, including under my boobs, around the bra line, in my arm pits. I also had them on the inside of my thighs, and on my feet and ankles. Thankfully after a trip to the Dr. and a round of steriods, and topical ringworm fighting cream, the hives are gone.  Unfortunatlly the ringworm was not a week and a half later I was back to the doctor. The ringworm had spread to so many places I could not even count how many spots I had.  I am now on the last 2 days of my 10 day internal treatment. Many of the spots have gone from round red circles to being extremely tight dry areas but I still have several spots that are still ring shaped. I made a dermatologist appointment for Tuesday (called way ahead because I was afraid this wasn't going to play nice) This morrning I found another bright red spot that is at the top of my pubic hair line! UGH!! This worries me a bit and I do not want it to spread down any farther. I have been keeping my underwear on (normally sleep naked), switched underwear twice a day, wash my hands before I go to the bathroom or get dressed. I have changed sheets, washed everything in hot water. I only wear clothing items once, which is making insane from doing so much laundry.     Does anyone have any suggestions to keep it from spreading, or for safely treating it until I can get to the doctor.     

Sorry for the multiple attempts at a cut,

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