hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

E.P.T. Issue

Ok so as I posted a few days ago I'm fearful I'm pregnant because I;m ALWAYS regular and now 7-9 days late. Well I took an E.P.T. +/- brand last saturday (clearly negative). Now I took two tonight after work with my friend. They both weren't super dark like the last, but they were still visible negative BUT on both (one a bit darker than the other) where the positive vertical line would be there was a SUPER SUPER thin line and SUPER faint and OFF CENTERED. So I'm freaking, but then I checked my one from Saturday and now that one has it too! But didn't before. And as time goes, the two other ones that line is getting darker. Are they evaporation lines? I don't need a pregnancy right now!!

But can evaporation lines on a EPT blue dye test happen in that 2-3 minutes window when the test is valid? I felt like my eyes were playing tricks and I got scared they were faint positives, but I know what a faint positive looks like these lines are different.

Any experience? I've heard blue dyes can do such? Ughh AF I want you!

Thank you EVERYONE! :)
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