speckled_hen (speckled_hen) wrote in vaginapagina,

Constant Bleeding with Mirena IUD

I had the Mirena IUS inserted back in October. Everything has been running as would normally be expected - I had bad cramps and random bleeding for the first few months but was told that this was normal and it would settle down after a few months.

Anyway, everything has been running smoothly for the last couple of months. My period this month was 10 days late, I put it down to the stress of being at uni and work and stuff, then I got it. It lasted a week. Then I had two days of no period. Got it again for another five days. It went away, this time for three days, and I've GOT IT AGAIN!

Anyone know what the heck is happening with my body, and if it's the Mirena? My periods were always a bit off-whack when I wasn't on any HBC, but this is super annoying. I'm hastily checking memories and also IUD-divas too, but advice would be good before I have to make yet another appointment with the school nurse, who will no doubt tell me that it's normal!
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