flowergirl84 (flowergirl84) wrote in vaginapagina,

cervix brushed? intense bleeding, but all ended up well

I just thought I would share this, even though I don't particularly need advice on it, just for general edification and sharing.

The other night my boyfriend and I were fooling around and having sex. After intercourse and both of us having orgasms, we were doing some more playing and I was lying on my back. He was sitting up, between my legs, and started finger-fucking me. The angle was different than we'd ever done before, kind of like he was pushing straight down and a little back. It was nighttime and dark in the room. It felt really, really good, and I felt super wet. He really went at it and I had this intense, long orgasm. When I was done, he pulled his hand out and said "Ummmm" and turned the light on. His whole hand from fingers to wrist was COVERED in blood! The inside of my thighs was bloody and there was a puddle on the bed. It looked like a scene from a horror movie!

I had bled before, with another lover, from some rough sex, but only a little bit when I peed after, not like this. However, from reading VP, I knew that one's cervix can bleed if rubbed "the wrong way" and that every woman's cervix is different, with some being super sensitive, bleeding just when brushed. So I didn't overly freak, just jumped up and ran to the toilet to clean myself up and make sure I was OK. Once I was sure I was, I went back and grabbed the sheets and threw them in the tub and turned the cold water on. My boyfriend was freaking out and washing his hand with hot water and generally being kind of a pain in the butt - but then again, I deal with blood all the time and use a diva cup, whereas he doesn't. Fair enough.

I got a pad and used that overnight, but by then I wasn't bleeding that much, if at all, and by the next day there wasn't any bleeding at all. We very carefully had sex on the Sunday (the bleeding happened Friday night) and there was no blood.

And, the stain came out of the sheets. I soaked them over night in cold water, and the next morning the blood was gone. I washed them for good measure.

All is well. But, I thought it was interesting and worth posting here. Anyone else ever had this?
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