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My very first "Am I Pregnant?" post!

Hi everyone!

So this is going to be a little bit confusing...a lot went on in a really short amount of time. Cut for length.



A.) I've been on birth control for about three years now, I take a generic for Alesse.

B.) My periods have been getting very light over the course of about the last six months (at least). I had one fluke in March where it was pretty heavy for like a day and a half, but my period in April was so light I only used one pad for one day and barely managed to "fill" half of it.

C.) My boyfriend and I also use withdrawal pretty close to perfectly. We've had maybe two oops episodes in the last three months (one was a complete oops with internal ejaculation, the other was just rather close to my vaginal area.)

D.) I had my wisdom teeth removed on March 18th and had a HORRIBLE time recovering. I actually ended up in the hospital about a week later. It took me a good solid three weeks to feel normal again.

E.) Whether it was from the surgery and being unable to eat, or just a shift in my hormones, I lost about fifteen pounds very suddenly. It's been roughly six weeks now and I still have not gained it back despite resuming my normal eating habits (not that I'm complaining, I just know sudden weight loss can do funky things to your body)

F.) I don't know if it's relevant, but I have been losing a pretty excessive amount of hair lately. I have relatively long hair so I'm used to shedding but I'm shedding a good sized handful on a daily basis.

G.) I've been extremely stressed out for the last three weeks or so... struggling to keep up with my college course load this quarter, and the boyfriend got laid off and his new job isn't set to start until July.

So... I skipped my withdrawal bleed this month for the most part. I spotted a medium shade of brown (not dark brown but definitely not red or pink) for as long as it took me to pee twice because I could only see it when I wiped and it was gone by the third time I went to the bathroom. My boyfriend and I have not had any "oops" incidents this month, and I've had two negative pregnancy tests (which I took on about day two of being "late" for me, the last day of my placebo row. I know you don't technically don't have a period on the pill, but my withdrawal generally starts around the same day). One was taken in the afternoon when I started panicking, and the other was taken with first morning urine.

I know, I know, I knowwww how unlikely it is for me to be pregnant, but I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance and someone to remind me how common it is to stop having periods after being on the pill this long. My mom does this thing whenever any of the women in my family start having any funky symptoms. She hounds us about how we could be pregnant and nothing you say will make her stop because she always says "stranger things have happened!".  She's desperate for grandkids in an unhealthy way and does not understand how someone could not want to have a baby right this very moment. Needless to say, the only thing she's talking to me about since she caught wind of my missed withdrawal bleed is how I could still totally be pregnant. Can someone undo the paranoia she is inflicting on me?

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