hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vitamin C and Periods

So I posted a few days back that my period is late for the first time since having regular periods for about 9-10 years. While I understand that even though I've been so regular for so long, things can happen and periods can come late. But Now I'm about 5-7 days late and starting to panic. My breasts have become so sore today too (which could just be late pms if I indeed ovulated late). But I've also have been cramping for about 7 days now which is scaring me. Hopefully its just a very late, fluky period.

Anyway...does vitamin c work to induce a period? Are there other methods as well? I just want to give it a try and if by Friday or Saturday it doesn't work...I'll take a test and be more comfortable with its results (altho not entirely 100 percent if its negative (which I pray it is!!))

So anyone have experiences using such inducing methods? How did you go about it?

Thank you :)

Your responses mean the world to me. I'm absolutely emotionally obsessing because although a condom broke and I'm NOT on BC pregnancy just seems so low since there was no ejaculatory fluid in the condom. So if I was, it would truly be such a bad drawn straw luck.
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