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Talk me down VP-ers!

My husband and I had sex on Monday night/Tuesday morning (around 3 AM). He finished inside me and we celebrated this victory since we've haven't be able to have good penetrative sex in a long while due to Vaginitis/Vulvar Vestibulitis. I've had the implanon since December '08, and it's scheduled to come out December of this year. I have not had any type of bleeding at all since February '09 (and I mean none, no spotting, no light bleeding, nothing). I wake up today and I'm bleeding (I don't know if I would even consider this a period or just random bleeding, but it's enough that I felt the need to use a pad). What's up with that? No cramps, no signs that it was coming, nothing! I'm worried that this is a sign my protection is somehow compromised. Getting pregnant is absolutely not in the cards right now.

My overly paranoid mind is telling me I should get Plan B. But, I know that if I'm bleeding right now I'm probably not ovulating right now.

This is just new and different.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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