Foxy Loxy with Floppy Socksies (madkrazyghetto) wrote in vaginapagina,
Foxy Loxy with Floppy Socksies

Lasting inflammation from UTI?

Got a question for you lovely VPers. Is it possible to still have UTI symptoms without a UTI?

The backstory, to the best of my ability: Two weeks ago, right after my period started, I noticed a familiar pain in my side and took myself to the walk-in to get some antibiotics. Was diagnosed with a UTI, got a three-day course of Cipro and completed it, but through all of this, I had the sensation that someone was just sort of squeezing my torso, occasionally with little stabby bits of flank pain (mostly on the right side, sometimes on the left). This lingered throughout the drug course, and after, so when my period ended, I went to my health center. Gave a sample there, there was blood but no white blood cells/nitrates, so the doc didn't give me drugs and suggested that my body was still inflamed from the infection (and/or I was passing small kidney stones). Basically, I was told to wait it out. I did, and last Tuesday I was up to fighting form again. (I even got me a little oral sex on the side, and yes, I was very careful in my anti-UTI regimen.) Two days after that, the pain is back, and I'm hit with a bout of urgency unlike anything I've ever felt. Like, chained to the toilet at four in the morning. I headed back to the health center, where I peed in a cup again and was given a quick pelvic, but the doc said everything looked and felt fine in my ladybits, and once again, no signs of infection in the urine. (She swabbed for STDs and sent the urine to the lab for another test of some unspecified sort, and I was told I'd be called with any negative results - nothing so far.) She recommended AZO (well, Uristat, but couldn't find that in any of the drugstores I went to) for the urgency and frequency, but I'm still peeing up a storm. I've never had urgency like this before, and it came on out of nowhere.

For what it's worth, I've got a follow-up appointment in two weeks, and a for-reals gyno appointment shortly thereafter, but I wanted to hear if anyone else had experienced anything like this. As you can tell from the timestamp, I'm still awake and kind of desperate.
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