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Constipation caused by diverticulosis

Hullo VPers!

I've been hesitating to ask about this in here because by now I'm fairly convinced my reproductive system is not actually involved in this problem. But I'm really at a loss here and could use some help - and I know I've seen some poo questions in here before, so I'm hoping it's okay! If not, my apologies.

So, I have diverticulosis - or at least, I'm pretty sure I do. I'm only 24 and have had these issues for probably a couple years so it's a bit unusual for me to have diverticulosis at my age, but I'm fairly certain that's what it is. I've never seen a doctor about it, though. My mother has the same problems and in fact she was the one who suggested diverticulosis as the culprit, although I don't think she's actually seen a doctor regarding it either.

Anyway, what happens is that maybe a few times a year I get constipated because of it. If anyone's not familiar with diverticulosis, it's the condition of having little pockets that form in the walls of your large intestine. And what I'm pretty sure happens is that once in a while some poop sort of takes a wrong turn into one of these little pockets and hits a dead end. When I've read up on diverticulosis online I can't really find anything that alludes to that particular problem, but I could swear that's what happens to me.

Each time this happens I'll get some (fairly mild) abdominal pain that feels almost exactly like menstrual cramps. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize that it isn't menstrual cramps I'm feeling! An unfortunate side effect of having the uterus located so close to the large intestine, I suppose. Anyway, I'll experience this pain and then realize "oh hey, I don't think I've pooped in the past day or two, must be the whole diverticulosis thing."

The only thing I've found to work in the past is to sort of massage my abdomen in the area of the pain (it's always the same area). I kinda just do a lot of pressing and prodding in hopes of getting things moving. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but eventually I get things moving this way - and if I don't do this, I just don't poop. Until I eventually get it to work.

Whenever this happens, I don't feel the need to poop at all, which is what leads me to believe that the poo is sort of getting caught in the diverticula. It's not like normal constipation where you feel the need to poop but it's too hard to be passed easily.

Anyway, that was sort of all background - right now I seem to be in the midst of a particularly bad bout of these problems. It's been going on for around a week now, I think. For the first few days I was pooping normally, but since then I've only had one (small) bowel movement which I think was just a little bit that sort of snuck past the blockage. And for some reason this time around, the pain is really bad at night but then gets a lot milder or even goes away completely during the day. I'm assuming it's lying down causing this, somehow that position must make it worse because it seems every time I go to bed I end up in excruciating pain. The only other thing I could think of was that my birth control pills were somehow related - I take my pill at 10pm so it is a possible culprit for things that happen at night, and I'm only on my second pack so I guess it wouldn't be impossible for it to be causing some side effect. But I suspect it's not related.

I don't know why this particular time around seems to be a bit different than usual, but so far all of my poking and prodding at my stomach doesn't seem to have helped. As you can imagine it's a very inexact science, so maybe I just haven't gotten lucky yet, but I'm worried that something is different this time and it's not GOING to work at all.

I'm gonna have to go to a doctor if things don't get moving soon, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this kinda thing and/or had any advice or suggestions or anything.

I guess basically my question is...are there any remedies for constipation that might work on this kind of blockage?

I assume no amount of fiber or stool softeners or anything is going to have any effect on the poop that I believe is already there. And laxatives that are meant to stimulate the muscles aren't going to get anything moving backwards, which is sort of what's needed here, I think.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any input - and thanks to anyone who actually read any significant amount of that! :P I'm quite worried/scared about all this and I'm afraid I'm going to end up having to see a doctor, an idea which also scares me.
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