tremendous cream (sugarbunnny) wrote in vaginapagina,
tremendous cream

question on non-hormonal birth control & more

hello all!

so i recently discontinued my hbc (the nuvaring) because i suspected it was making my skin go absolutely crazy with acne. a week after i stopped the nuvaring, my acne had already improved, and now, a month later, my face is almost completely clear - a drastic improvement from the painful blemishes i was getting all over my face on a near daily basis before. eta: i'm also a semi-regular smoker (bad, i knoooow D:) and was nervous about blood clots.

i am on a medication called trileptal, an anti-seizure medicine that is prescibed to me as a mood stabilizer, along with my antidepressant. trileptal makes pill form of birth control significantly less effective, which is why i was on the nuvaring. now, i had been on the nuvaring for two years before it started causing severe problems with my skin, which doesn't make much sense to me; however i have heard thatr our hormones change every so often and as i had turned 18 five months prior to when the problems started, i suppose it could just be that my body chemistry and the nuvaring just ain't compatible anymore.

my so and i have been apart so i haven't been sexually active since i stopped the bc. i don't know what to do now, however, because he doesn't really like condoms and honestly neither do i. and i would rather not have any hormonal birth control as i'm very scared to mess up my skin again; and even if i did go on hbc my options are very limited - basically just the depo shot, which i have heard bad things about. i suppose that i could discontinue my trileptal and start a low-dose pill, but i don't want to mess with my brain chemistry, either.

i'm at a loss. the few options i can see now are as follows:
a) discontinue trileptal and start on a low-dose pill
b) suck it up and use condoms
c) rely on the pull-out method

however, would an iud be a good option for a girl like me? i think they have hormones though, right? i would really love to have one, though. a year or so back i asked my gyno about getting one and she didn't seem particularly opposed to the idea (i ♥ my gyno) but i'd like to know what you guys think.

any input would be wonderful. i'd love to hear what you think about the iud and also if you could suggest any other forms of non-hormonal bc.

one last thing; how do i track my cycle/find out my fertile and infertile days? i'm not too sure as i wasn't getting regular periods for a long time due to the nuvaring so i've never done it before.

i know that got long, sorry! & thank you so, so much for any help you can give. i really appreciate it.
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