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Kick-start period

This is a little bit of advice I'm giving to girls out there that seem to ask this question a lot. 

Have you ever been 2-3 days before your period and want to just give it a shove to get it moving along? I know that I have for several reasons. Maybe you had sex and the condom broke or came off and you are worried about being pregnant. Maybe you have been stressed out a lot lately. Perhaps you have a vacation with your significant other (without kids if you have any) which means you definitely don't want the evil red ninja (some of my friends back in high school called it that) to pay you a visit. Whatever the case may be, I've got a few things I do (usually all in a row on the same day or for two-three consecutive days) that have worked every time.

What you'll need:

- 1000mg Vitamin C tablets without rosehips. I use Nature Made which can be found at Walgreens or any pharmacy. I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart carries them as well.
- A handful (or two) of table salt (optional)
- Hot, hot bath 
- Time

First thing's first: when you get home from work or school or errands and you have about an hour of time go to your bathroom and run a hot bath. The water should be as hot as you can possibly take it. It will probably turn your skin red for a little bit. Add one or two handfuls (not very big) of salt and mix it in while the hot water runs. Grab a book or your radio (or both) and soak in the bath for an hour or until the water gets cold, whichever comes first.

Once you have that part settled take one 1000mg Vitamin C tablet. Take one every hour but please do not exceed 6000mg. In fact, unless you are brave enough to try it and tell me about it, please do not exceed 3000mg. That's three tablets. And do not, i repeat, do not take them all at once. Note: This will not work if you already take Vitamin C all the time. Also, excess Vitamin C can cause loose stools. It may also make your cramps worse so have some form of pain reliever with you.

Those are two things I do all the time. Now there is something else that can kick-start the period. Sex/masturbation. To be specific, orgasm. Any time I'm extremely close to my period and have sex I almost always start minutes to hours later. Don't have a significant other? Then let me be blunt. You have fingers. Use them. Got a detachable shower head? Use it. Hot tub? Bathtub with jacuzzi jets? Those most definitely work, but you can get creative. If you can manage to get an orgasm that will speed things up nicely.

So ladies, I do hope this will work out for you. The salt bath and Vitamin C has worked several times in a row for me. If you get cramps try drinking hot raspberry tea. Lipton makes raspberry tea bags and you can put ice in it if you don't like hot tea.

I also would like to warn ladies that look for herbal remedies about something. If you have read that pennyroyal will bring on your period you read correctly. However, many people that write about that do not tell the risks of it. It was used in older times when women got pregnant to cause a miscarriage, especially by women in families that couldn't afford more children. It will bring forth your period but it is also a harmful herb. If you do not have a shop in your town or nearby that sells herbs and knows what they are doing (typically people calls these pagan or wiccan shops) please do not use it without first researching it extensively. It can be deadly.

And that is my piece. If you have questions feels very free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them for you!

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