Rachel (atomiccake) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is this normal discharge now? It sure doesn't seem normal.

I posted a few weeks back about having abnormal discharge and an upcoming ob/gyn appointment. I finally went to the doctor but aside from a minor yeast infection that she prescribed me Diflucan for, she said everything else looked completely normal. And my test results this week also came back normal. What she described as normal I find absolutely disgusting. I have a LOT of creamy white/slightly yellow discharge leaking out at all times! It makes me feel slimy and dirty. I wear a menstrual cup or junior tampon every day just so I don't have to make constant bathroom trips to wipe. I've tried every kind of pantyliner and they either slide off or bunch up and are just a pain. If I just let it flow out, it would drench my underwear and probably stain my pants. Even though this is what she considers normal, it is ruining my life. I assume it's from taking the Pill. Before I took the Pill, I never noticed any problem with vaginal discharge. It was always clear and smelled like nothing. Now it's thick and white/yellow and smells like vinegar AND THERE'S TONS OF IT. Whenever I read posts about weird discharge that sounds like mine, the responses are usually "you're just ovulating" or something of that nature. I'm on the Pill! I'm never ovulating yet I have what they describe every day, for what seems like forever. Is this just part of the Pill? Is it from lack of fluids? Poor eating habits? Anything?

I just want to go back to what was normal for me. This kind of discharge makes me feel as though there is something wrong.
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