io2012 (io2012) wrote in vaginapagina,

The YI that wasn't......folliculitis help!?!

Ok, so what I thought was maybe an external YI on my mons pubis has turned out to be a case of folliculitis according to my nurse practitioner. Makes sense that it is bacterial rather than fungal, since it has failed to respond to a week of applying miconizole cream.

The problem is: When I went to fill the Bactrim cream prescription she wrote for me, my insurance doesn't cover it (NO generic available) so I would have to spring for serious dough to get a tiny tube of this stuff. I looked to see if there was anything comparable in the OTC section, but didn't find anything.

However, the internets claim that folliculitis can be treated at home. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you treat it at home? Right now I used electric clippers to cut my hair short, placed a hot epsom salts compress on it for 10min, and coated things with triple antibiotic ointment. If it sounds overboard, let me just say this is ITCHIER than poison ivy. Maybe.
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