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Newly chronic yeast infections

Hello everyone; hope the day finds you well. I did a search through the tags and comments and wasn't really able to find anything that answered my question. So, here's the situation.

I've had two sexual partners in my life. The first one gave me no problems at all where my vagina was related -- no UTI's, no yeast infections, no random itchies, nothing. We were sexually active with one another for about 4 or 5 months, and we used a combination of condoms and me being on the pill during the time. Now, my most recent sexual partner/boyfriend and I have been sexually active together for about three months. I'm on my third (or second, since the second one might have been leftover from the first) yeast infection, when I've never ever had them before. He has no symptoms of a yeast infection, but is it still possible he has one? I'm just confused as to why I seem to be getting them constantly with him now. Neither of us is having sex with anyone else, and we're both fairly hygienic so far as I can tell. I'm not on antibiotics or hormonal birth control, and we rarely use condoms (we use a combination of FAM/withdrawal). The only thing that I can think of that's different is that he performs oral sex on me (which did not happen with my previous partner), and I've started shaving all my hair down there as opposed to just keeping it trim and tidy.

At the moment I'm treating with Monistat 7, and plan on waiting a couple days after I complete treatment just to make sure both the medication and the infection are out of my system. Do you recommend he get tested/treated for a yeast infection just to rule out that possibility? And what can I do to prevent these stupid things from coming back, because I would really love to continue enjoying sex with my boyfriend without worrying about itchy after effects a day later. Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions and advice. Stay excellent! :D
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