hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period Question

I've been waiting for my period this month and it is now late. I get it usually anywhere in a 30-35 day cycle. Today is the 37th day and no period. For the past week I've had swollen breasts, sore nipples a couple days ago, nauseous and light cramping. I usually get all those with PMS except the nipples sore and usually my swollen breasts are sore, but they aren't sore currently. I also keep getting a white discharge that I kept thinking is my period but isn't. I took a pregnancy test (ept) last night around 11:30pm (day 36) and it came up negative. I had taken a dose of B-12 vitamins a couple hours before and I could see they flushed in my urine...could that ruin the test?

I really don't know what to think and I'm panicking because I've never gone past 35 days without a period and these symptoms with no bleeding is scaring me to no end. Could this be normal and my period will come? I guess the no period, weird discharge and sore nipples/cramping is freaking me out. I want to be excited with the negative test but I'm still so worried.

Any friendly advice or encouragement for a sad and worried girl :(

Also: My bf and I had sex 3 times this past month (all with condoms, but not on BC). One broke around the time I could have ovulated but he had no finished, we stopped instantly and he had not ejaculated for at least 12 hours before.
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