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ingrown hair or something worse?

okay, im a little worried.

so, on one side of my bikini line, just about where the fold is from pubic area to thigh, i got this really aggravated bump after shaving. this was a few weeks ago.. it immediately puffed up and was hardish to the touch. i put a small amount of bikini zone on, like always, and called it good. so last night, i was groomin' myself up and i felt that bump, only it was now under the skin. the only physical detail about it was that the spot was a bit purple, like it was filled with blood. so, i took a sterile pin and poked it. the needle went in without any problem and i couldnt feel it at all, like it was going into a little pocket. after removing the pin, a BUNCH of blood came out. i left it alone and then checked this morning and again, blood. not nearly as much but there was some when i pressed around the bump. it did sting a little this time, but it wasnt painful by any means. also, i can still feel a slightly hard little bump under my skin there.

so whats going on? i feel like i had this happen on my thigh once because of an ingrown hair, but i cant remember well enough to compare the two. the reason im so nervous is because a few years ago i had to deal with something called a pilodonial cyst or something like that, on my tailbone, and it pretty much starts out as a little blood (and pus) filled pocket.

basically, ive got myself all sorts of terrified. :{
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