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Cold sores or allergy pimples?

Hey, vagpag, I lurk all the time, and now I have a quick question about distinguishing cold sores and allergy pimples resulting from semen.

I love going down on my boyfriend, and almost every time I do, I break out near my lips a day or so later, even if he doesn't come. I'm fairly sure I have a semen allergy, and precum allergy by extension- they both burn my mouth and inner vulva if they come in contact. We did do it with a condom once, too, and no break out occurred. Thus, I am keen to believe that the breakouts near my lips, not right on them, but on the skin surrounding them, are from my likely allergy. To my knowledge, neither of us has either form of herpes or any STI at all, we were both virgins until about two months ago, when we had sex for the first time and I've never seen any abnormalities in either of our nether regions, and I only break out in such a way shortly after performing oral on him. I have kissed him with these bumps, and he has never gotten them. The bumps are basically stubborn pimples that don't respond to my trusty benzoyl peroxide that come with inordinate amounts of swelling and redness and last for a week or so. They really don't look anything like normal cold sores do, until they pop and then they kind of... crust over the part that was exposed with an ugly brownish seal of sorts.

I also believe they can occur on my eyes- I walked away with sties once as well- the last one I got was so swollen I couldn't even use my eye at all for about three days. It was terrible!

Has anyone else heard of these things, or gotten them before? And any tips to speed up healing would be nice. I performed oral on his two days ago without thinking about the consequences, and currently have one such bump under my lower lip.

Thanks for reading, and being awesome! I never knew there were so many gaps in my sex ed class till I came around here!

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