kris (sincerely_me04) wrote in vaginapagina,

Burning and swelling after sex

So basically like the title says I have burning and swelling after sex. I had PIV sex with my boyfriend of a year on Thursday after not doing it for about 3 days and I noticed it hurt while he entered me, which is not all that unusual, but then realized that it was burning every time he thrusted as if I were super dry but I wasn't. We continued on as it was bearable but after we were done I felt super sore. I went to pee after like normal and it burrrrrnned so bad :( I looked with a mirror and noticed my inner labia were really swollen and everything was red. So a day goes by and the pain went away after a while so we had sex again today. Big mistake. While it started off the same, it hurting as he entered and feeling dry, it felt ok during the time we had sex. So again when I went to pee, it burned and I was all swollen. This time I noticed I have a tear all along the side of my labia, which I've had before but not as bad. I tear kinda easily,especially in certain positions so I avoid them but I don't understand why my inner labia and entrance to my vagina are sooo swollen.

FYI, I just had my annual pap 2 weeks ago and my bf has recently been tested, so I don't think it's an STI. I am on birth control, though I ran out and was off for about two weeks but have been back on it since my Gyno visit, so it was condomless sex. Help?
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