io2012 (io2012) wrote in vaginapagina,

Risks of using yogurt for a suspect YI?

So here's the deal: I've gotten YI's before, and I know what they feel like. However, this time I have some external symptoms (under my pubic hair, which is pretty much up on top of my mons pubis and not down by my vulva) including itching and redness. However, the only thing I have going on vaginally is discharge that has increased slightly and is more yellow/tan than clear. It does smell slightly yeasty, but NO itching, burning, etc.

So.....since it isn't too intense, I was thinking of just trying plain yogurt. I assume I insert that vaginally using a clean finger and wear a pad to catch the resulting guck. I know that taking antibiotics for BV can cause yeast problems, but if this isn't a yeast infection, could I trigger BV by treating it with yogurt? 

Also, I am using some miconizole cream on the mons rash and that is helping a does that mean my discharge change is definitely yeast-related? AND (one more thing, I know) I also have a Paragard IUD (almost a year now). It has changed my discharge some (I have more/it is thicker) but it's never been this color before, so I don't think this is from the IUD.
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