descent2madness (descent2madness) wrote in vaginapagina,

Switching Birth Control Methods

Hello fellow VPers! I really hope you all can help me!

Okay so here is my situation. I am currently on the NuvaRing and will be taking it out this weekend (Sunday May 8th) for my usual withdrawal bleed. I went for a consultation today to have an IUD inserted which will occur on Tuesday May 17th (so nine days AFTER I remove my ring). Now normally I would have just kept the ring in for the extra fourth week but this IS that extra fourth week so by this Sunday, there will be no hormones left. I don't have any more rings so I won't be inserting anything on the 15th when I normally would.

My question is this: I know I definitely need to use backup protection starting the Sunday the ring normally would have been inserted, but should I use it all next week as well since the sperm may survive and the lack of hormones for those couple days may let my ovaries relax enough to ovulate? Thanks!

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