Sarah (ridgelines) wrote in vaginapagina,

I am 23 years old and I want my tubes tied. I have 2 kids and I have thought about this for a year now and not once have I thought any differently. I got pregnant with both my children while taking the pill every day around the same time each time. I worry constantly about ending up pregnant and take a test basically every week because my pills have failed before. I was taking my pill religiously and using condoms when I got pregnant with my son as extremely unlikely as this sounds.

I am currently taking the pill and it's making me gain weight and I hate it. The IUD gave me PID and I disliked the Implanon. I do not trust the nuva ring due to the fact that I have been pregnant on the pill - a ring that can fall out just doesn't reassure me at all and I need something to reassure me so I can stop taking pregnancy tests and worrying myself. We have thought about my husband doing this but he's not seeming like he wants to, even though he knows he does not want anymore kids.

So, I have read several things and I am not fully understanding the law in AZ to getting tubes tied. Everything I read contradicts the last thing. Any reputable sites someone can point me to? I have gone to 3 different gynos and have been told they don't want to do it. I don't know how to find a doctor that will realize this is my choice and my body and if it's not illegal I should not be told no. If I get pregnant, we cannot do it. We have great jobs but if we just cannot pay another daycare fee.

Any thoughts? Knowledge? Can a doctor legally tell me no, if it is not illegal for me to have the procedure? I am young, but I have my little boy and I have my little girl. I enjoy sleep and sanity, a third one is and always will be out of the question.

Just to add, I had horrible pregnancies. Went into active labor with my son at 7 months and was on bed rest for months while they stopped labor twice. My daughter had me in labor at 15 weeks and on bed rest for pretty much my whole pregnancy. I have horrible back issues that were magnified during pregnancy that had me out of work by my 7th month. I refuse to do that to myself again.

EDIT: You guys are AMAZING. Seriously, I love this community because I posted this feeling like I was out of options and now I am feeling ready for Monday so I can start working on these suggestions. Thank you guys so much! And thank you for informing me that there is no such laws regarding my uterus. :) You guys just all rock.
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