letifos99 (letifos99) wrote in vaginapagina,

Acne scars around the pubic area

Hi everyone,

I just want to start by saying that this community and you lovely people are amazing. I find the posts helpful and reassuring, and the responses that I have received in relation to my previous posts have been very insightful. So thank you!

I have a question about acne and ingrown hairs around the pubic area. I usually experience a few pimples and/or ingrown hairs, which eventually end up scarring, even when I leave them to reside on their own. I'm generally fine when there's hair since I cannot see them, but when I am bare down there I feel self-conscious about the darkened scars and marks. Just a little FYI - I wax (shaved once, never again). So my question is whether there's anyway of reducing the appearance of acne/ingrown hair scars; or even better, preventing pimples/ingrown hairs? I've read that your choice of underwear may affect whether you get pimples/ingrown hairs... ?

Also, my skin is darker around the areas where my underwear cuts off. Is this normal, and is there anyway to lighten the skin because I'm a bit self-conscious about this as well? I know though (from EBP) that darkened skin around the vulva is normal...

Thank you :)
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