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Hopefully this is allowed here, because it DOES involve my vagina, its just that my vagina isn't the focus of the question.

I've recently gained a new sex partner. We've had PIV sex twice now and both times started off great, good foreplay, and then the moment came.... in five minutes. Not to bash him, because he is great aside from this little issue, but I didn't even have a chance to enjoy the actual sex. I'm not even talking about the orgasm (although that was certainly lacking) I didn't even have a chance to get INTO it before it was over. We literally took longer to get undressed than it to him to get off, and there was no chance for a second round so I was left completely unsatisfied twice in a row. And yes, to be selfish, I NEED my orgasms from PIV sex. Nothing else is the same.

Is there a delicate way to suggest that he make it last longer? I thought about asking him to switch positions when he felt the moment nearing. I've also thought about asking to use condoms, but he needed a little extra help getting it up in the first place. I worry that condoms may make it difficult for him to stay erect. Anything other suggestions? Leave it alone? Suck it up? Find someone else? (Kidding, but I have no idea how to approach this!)
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