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Bleeding during sex and with use of toys

So, this question is for a friend. She recently bought a vibrating dildo that's similar in length and girth to her boyfriend's penis. As she tells it, though she uses it "tamely" and with lots of lube, she still gets some bleeding, which is also the case with her boyfriend. Are there any recommendations that you all can give for me to pass along? Aside from getting another vibrator or dildo (which would solve that problem), how can she experience less bleeding during sex? Thanks so much in advance for any advice or suggestions.

ETA A little bit of extra information as prompted for by archangelbeth:

So far as she knows, the bleeding only occurs with penetration, not necessarily orgasm, the bleeding comes from the entry only, she has not tried more shallow penetration to see if this helps, smaller toys don't seem to cause bleeding, her last gyno appointment was a few years ago, but she says they didn't test anything with her cervix, and she is currently on the depo shot.
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