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minor suspensory ligament damage?

hi, I'm sorry that this isn't vagina related, but phallicpregunta looks pretty dead and it still greatly concerns MY vagina (heh), so I thought I'd ask, since the quality of information here is always top notch.

I'm fairly certain my boyfriend has sustained some minor damage to his suspensory ligament.  we had sex on tuesday night, and he said he immediately noticed some pain around the base of his penis afterward.  what strikes me as odd is that we weren't even remotely rough and I still have no idea what could have caused it.  background information: he's 25, and normally has (please excuse the descriptiveness :P) very robust, thick, rigid, straight erections with an upward angle that come on extremely easily and last and last.  also worth noting: we're calling the urologist tomorrow, but I wanted to see if this place could offer any experience that we might be able to share with him too.

continuing on... the next day, throughout the day, he was completely unable to get an erection more than halfway, and it just pointed downward.  he described a constant ache at the base of his penis all day.

the day after that, he was able to get an erection, but it curved to the right and still didn't attain its normal fullness and seems like it hurt too much to maintain.  the base of his penis still ached for a while after he went flaccid again.

today we were relieved that he woke up with an erection again, as is normal for him.  he is able to achieve an erection and maintain it for longer, and the pain doesn't last as long after becoming flaccid again.  it's not 100% full and thick and rigid as it was, but it's shown MASSIVE improvement over the last few days.

much to my dismay, he didn't tell me anything was physically wrong for the first day and a half because he was terrified.  my first suggestion was to ice it, which he's been doing on and off since last night, though naturally I wish he'd told me sooner :|  he's also been taking ibuprofen and relaxing as much as he can.  I hope this is appropriate for his situation.

I've scoured the internet and I've come up with very little in the way of non-catastrophic, minor ligament damage and its subsequent healing.  I'm hoping beyond hope that it's extremely minor damage and that he'll make a full recovery soon, as his current progress is suggesting.  if anyone here has had any experience with this sort of thing and might have any advice, PLEASE let me know.

thanks so much in advance, you peeps are a constant source of amazing information and general goodness :)
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