ms (lala_luvyou) wrote in vaginapagina,

missed periods

here goes...
I've been on birth control since august, switch bc brand in december and I stopped taking it in March and I didn't take it this month either. I've taken my pills same time, everyday. My periods got really light, they turned into three day instead of five, sometimes I didn't even really get one.
When I was on the pill, we didn't really use condoms and he pulled out every time. We have used condoms every time in March and April.

I may have had one in March, I don't really remember because it was so light. I do remember taking a test and it coming out negative.
I didn't get my period this month. My body did have the pre-period symptoms and my bf was convinced I was getting it since I tasted like iron...well..bloodish (sorry for tmi) but I never got it. I took two more tests and they came out negative.

I've also had some weird stuff happening like utis and yi that are super rare for me.
Can I assume that I'm not pregnant after three negative tests and I'm simply missing my period because my body is off balance from my pills/weird infections?

I'm a worrier. I have an appointment for the doctor this week too.
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