chipie (chipie) wrote in vaginapagina,

moisterizing the vulvar skin


I recently got diagnosed with vulvodynia, and I was given a list of skin care recommendations to follow.  One of those is to moisturize the vulvar skin after showering.  They recommend using regular moisturizers such as Clinaderm, Lubriderm and Glaxal Gase, or using a vaginal moisturizer, Replens.

Replens is really expensive, but I don't feel very comfortable with the idea of putting normal moisturizers on my vulva (I generally wouldn't use any of those on any part of my body because I avoid products with potentially problematic ingredients, so it seems odd to use those on my vulva).

Do any of you moisturize your vulvar skin?  What do you use?  I've been using coconut oil but it seems to stain my underwear (odd because I use it as deodorant and it doesn't stain my clothes).   What are some other options I have?  Should I go with the Replens or would a generic brand vaginal moisturizer be just as good?  I'm totally okay with spending the extra money on Replens, but I wonder if it's worth it.

To summarize: what do you recommend to moisturize the vulvar skin and what should I look out for when picking a product?

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