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3rd failed attempt

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October 29th, 2010
January 17th, 2011

After two failed insertions by two different, and very experienced, gynecologists, I was referred to the hospital, hoping I can have an IUD inserted under general anesthetics.

My pre-operation consultation was today. The doctor was just out of school, probably working there as an intern, specializing in women's health. She reviewed my history; two failed insertions, no pain to speak of when menstruating, have been on HBC for almost 11 years, have used both BC-pills, the Nuvaring, and now the minipill. Sister has endometriosis, mother has had IUDs inserted several times during (I assume) the 70's and 80's, nulliparous, etc.

She had me sit in the chair to do a normal pelvic exam. She even used her fingers while applying pressure on my stomach, which no one, not even my GP or the two gynecologists have done before. After that she did a TV. No abnormalities. My uterus is not tilted backwards.

After that she said she'd like the attending physician to come take a look. She came, she saw the TV, she examined me. They decided to try to insert an IUD (Flexi-T) right then and there, and were horrified when I told them both gynecologists had tried for over 40 minutes before giving up.

It was not comfortable, but not too bad either - NOTHING like the previous attempts. She did a sounding first (successfully, I guess), and thought she had been able to place the IUD correctly. A TV, on the other hand, showed that it was inserted in the cervix (just like last time).

I've got an operation set up on May 31st to have it placed under general anesthesia. Hope that'll do the trick!
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