diva44 (diva_44) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex Positions that doesn't hurt

I have posted in this group before about my problem during intercourse. I still havent figured out why in some sex positions, my partner sorts of hits some bump inside me which causes sex to be painful. Only when we do the dogstyle position or if my partner is 90 degrees on top me that sex becomes painful because he will hit something inside of me. So im asking, is this normal? When im on top of him and if he directly parallel to me, it wouldnt hurt. But when we do doggy style or if he is perpendicular to me, it would get hurt. Is this still because he sort of hits my cervix? Even if I am already fully aroused? Anyway, just want to know if any of you has experienced the same thing.  Before, I thought I might have a PID thus an inflamed cervix. Moreover, this pain often becomes increased when im due for my period. WHat do you guys think? :)
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