Jessica Robin (avantgardening) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jessica Robin

Question about FSA and emergency contraception

I tried purchasing the Plan B emergency contraception at two different locations and the transaction was denied in both places using my FSA debit card. I have plenty of money in the account, so I called the company and the person on the phone confirmed that contraception is eligible to be purchased using an FSA card (unfortunately the person on the phone didn't seem to know what Plan B specifically was, but insisted that contraception was eligible). However, when I looked at the list of eligible expenses, it lists contraceptive devices (a list of condom brands was given) and also hormonal birth control (ortho, yaz, etc. were listed). It did not specifically list Plan B/Morning-after pill/emergency contraception.

Does anyone have any insight? I'm low on money right now and the $50 for EC would make a huge dent, even if I could somehow get the cost reimbursed later on.

Edit: Thanks for everyone's input. I downloaded a $10 coupon from the Plan B website (linked to it in case anyone is interested), which is just a small decrease, but it makes a difference. I'll try to get it reimbursed by my FSA later on. Thanks again!

Edit 2: I also got a CVS 25% off coupon (from that machine in the front of the store), which brought the grand total of the Plan B to $27. Just giving out that info in case anyone else is in a similar monetary situation.
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