Charlotte "Sasha" Brooks (sasseebuttrfly) wrote in vaginapagina,
Charlotte "Sasha" Brooks

IIH and pregnancy/breastfeeding

This is vagina related, well sort- of.. (Well the baby does come out of the vagina ! Most of the time anyway!) I am currently 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant and my Intracranial Hypertension has reared its ugly head again (all due to the pregnancy and weight gain I am assuming). I was having a check-up with the neurologist and he saw there was swelling behind my eyes. I've had a visual field test in the meantime and my visual fields are all normal, but I've also had two lumbar punctures. First time the opening pressure was 50 (normal being 18-22) and after draining off quite a bit closing pressure was 35! I had another one 10 days later and the opening pressure was 41.5 and closing pressure was 10! (Ow did that hurt, my brain ain't used to normal low pressures...) The thing is, I have a follow-up with the neurologist this Tuesday to discuss how he recommends I deliver the baby, as well as treatment of the IIH during the pregnancy.

The last time I was treated I was treated with Topamax and Diamox simultaneously. I loved the combination because I was able to loose enough weight to not have to be treated anymore. Except now, being pregnant, I've gained above what I was then and will likely to continue to gain for the remainder of the pregnancy. I've also read that Topamax and Diamox has adverse reactions on the fetus and with breastfeeding. And I want what is best for the baby and to be able to breastfeed.. But I also want my meds to control it where I can work and continue normally until I start my maternity leave at the end of June/Beginning of July... Does anyone have any experience with being on either of these meds during pregnancy and their affects? Or at least have any links where mothers have taken either or both of the drugs and have successfully breastfed afterwards? (I am hoping against hope here I think...)

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