rawkemsockem (rawkemsockem) wrote in vaginapagina,

Swollen glands + Yeast Infection

So, uh, do any of you ever get swollen lymph nodes in your groin during a YI?

What I have is definitely a YI - the usual symptoms, no BV, no stis (doc checked me out). I guess it makes sense to have the lymph nodes working overtime down there right now, but I haven't heard this mentioned before and didn't see it in the big ol' YI post so thought I'd see if it ever happens to anyone else.

Anyway, I've taken the Canestan one-pill thingy and things are settling down, but my glands are pretty sore so I'm doing ibuprofen and heat.

Grr!! Stoopid yeast infection! Hulk smash!!
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