a e i own u (theprohibition) wrote in vaginapagina,
a e i own u

It started with a yeast infection.

 On Wednesday I went to the doctor's to get something that I thought was a yeast infection checked out.  She confirmed and gave me a pill that I was supposed to take one time to get rid of it.  A couple of days passed and nothing changed, so I bought myself Monistat (which I'd never taken before).  It was a three day pack and I'm on the second day.

The problem is, I've been itching, which is an awful idea in the first place, but I'm pretty sure I've itched cuts all over that area.  I'm wondering if I might've scratched my clitoris because when I even get near it to check it is super, super sensitive at first touch.  Not only that, but a small piece of the hood as well (plus all the scratches near it).

I guess what I'm wondering is how long it takes for those scratches to heal, especially the one I think I might have made on my clitoris, and for this infection to go away?  I've never had one before so it's all new to me.
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