sarahlynn27 (sarahlynn27) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Night Freak Out?

Oh my dear superstars,
what to do?
I"ve been sitting here, late in the night when I really should be asleep, thinking about my little buddy George (AKA my paragard)
There is a possibility of a returning sex partner, and he would be the first one since my insertion in November. When we were previously together, I took HBC and we used condoms, but I am curious to try condomless sex. I am extremely scared of my IUD failing me and that I will end up pregnant, to the point where I'm beginning to think that my fear is just irrational. We both do not want children at this time, and I really can't even fathom what I would do if I ended up pregnant other than that I would want an abortion Immediately. I really am conflicted right now, and reading through IUD_Divas actually only made my feelings worse I believe because I've seen so many people saying that they got pregnant on paragard. Can anyone think of any ways to help ease my fear, as well as share any stories you may have? I feel that if I can't move past this issue, that I should have it removed and try another form of contraception because I'm not going to engage in sex when I am this afraid/anxious.
Thank you!
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