ba(dass) (the_band) wrote in vaginapagina,

This much sugar in this area would usually guarantee a yeast infection...

Hello, VP darlings! I'm a little late posting this, but I've just returned to LJ after a short break...I tried to check that no one else had posted this, so if someone did and I missed it and/or someone did and everybody said, "Um, that's cake. This is no place for cake! Take it away!" and it was deleted - I'm sorry!

Last month, Cake Wrecks did kind of an Everyday Bodies post, but it was more like Everyday Frosted Uteri - oh, the beautiful [and delicious] variation!

There's a bit of a follow-up here. Warning: do not click if you have a clown phobia!


On a related note, a little anecdote: last year I visited some friends in South Korea and had the opportunity to go to a sauna/spa thing there with some Korean women. When we passed by something that was shaped like a toilet but had a heating element in the bowl instead of water, I asked what it was, and one of them said, "Oh, that's good for your baby pocket!"

Baby pocket! Adorable. Makes me feel like a marsupial.


I hope someone out there enjoys this. I think you're all fantastic - those of you who ask questions that many others also have but are waiting for someone else to ask, and those of you who answer those questions with such knowledge and compassion - you're wonderful. Thank you!
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