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Back to Back YIs - Questions about Diflucan and Possible Causes

Hi VP!

Luckily for me, I haven't had a yeast infection since high school or in over 5-6 years. Horray!
That is until a few weeks ago.

I went to the boyfriend's for the weekend - had sex on Friday, had sex on Saturday morning and then noticed a bit of an itch. By Sunday it was lots of itching and burning on my clit and around my vaginal opening - no unusual discharge. Used some itch cream to soothe the symptoms.
On my way home Sunday night, I picked up the 3-day Monistat and started that night. I used the cream that came with it. On Tuesday or Wednesday I was feeling much better, but still a little itchy so I went to a doctor. She swabbed and saw a little bit of yeast left so she gave me 2 pills - one to take that day, one to take in 72 hours. Felt much better! Avoided sex with the boyfriend until treatments were done. When we had sex it burned a little around my vaginal opening, but I figured that it was from the lack of sex recently/lubrication (which is sometimes an issue for us).

I was fine for the next few weeks until this weekend. Same deal. Sex in the shower on Friday, sex on Saturday morning. Itchy. Used some itch cream and got to my usual doctor on Tuesday. Gave her the info on my recent YI, got finger pricked for diabetes and no exam - just a generic Diflucan prescription but this time it was 2 pills - take one now and one tomorrow. Today is the first day after finishing both pills and I still feel pretty itchy and burning. There seem to be some little cuts around my vaginal opening that leave tiny spots of blood when I wipe and are starting to burn when I urinate.

Also, don't know if this helps. I stacked my pills between these YIs because I was traveling and am due to start my period next week. I've always been told that having your period can help cure a YI because it 'resets' your vagina's natural levels - true or not?

This is so frustrating! I just want to get rid of this thing!
So 2 questions -
First: What could have caused it? I break a lot of the yeast infection rules (tight pants, on the pill, sugar, etc.) but haven't had a problem in years. The only change we've made is including silicone-based lube for shower sex, but I've always heard that silicone-based lubes are better for preventing UTIs. I'm also not sure if our lack of lubrication could be a cause.
What gives or can any woman get one spontaneously when out immune systems weaken due to stress?

Secondly: Has anyone had any experience with Diflucan? How long does it take to see results after 2, 200mg pills in 2 days? Should I be feeling better by now? I just don't know if I should go to my doctor tomorrow or wait it out for results.

Sorry for the barrage of questions and information - just want to learn some more and get this YI gone!
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