neek_love (neek_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

Career help?

Hi VP,

I hope this isn't considered off topic :) So, I graduate from university tomorrow, taking away a degree in communications majoring in media arts production. I still find this kind of interesting but I've realized I don't really care enough about it to make it in to a career, so as a result I'm looking at other things that interest me, and sexual health is one! A few things got me interested, such as my crippling (and still unexplained!) post orgasm cramps when I stack my pill, learning about my cervix and vagina before buying a menstrual cup and an STD 'scare' that had me in a researching frenzy (which led me to realize most STDs aren't that scary at all!).

This has all been within the last year or so and the overriding theme has been 'huh, I did not know that.' And I know there are others out there who are as mystified as I was. I'd like to look in to kind of an educator role regarding sexual anatomy, reproductive health and birth control, but my research isn't yielding much. Can anyone point me towards resources/courses, or is here anyone who does this type of thing for a living and can offer advice?

Also, I'm in Australia :)

Many thanks!
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