Gillian loves lemoñadé. (invisible_cunt) wrote in vaginapagina,
Gillian loves lemoñadé.

something funky is going on

hey everyone!

this is my first post. i've heard great things about this community and could really use the feedback!!

i've been having discharge and irritation around the urethra and vaginal opening for the past few months.
it first began in february and i went to my dr. she did a swab (for yeast infection) which came back negative. it persisted so i went and got some monistat. that worked for like a week, but then it started all over again. the discharge isn't funky smelling. like, it doesn't have a putrid smell and doesn't smell different than what is usually normal. nothing down there really smells off either. however, the discharge is becoming a nuisance to the point where i have to wear pantiliners because i don't want to soil my underwear. it has a bit of a gooey/cremey consistency and dries with a faint yellow tinge. as well, after a couple self examinations, it looks like there are some small, pimple like things around my vaginal opening. they look almost like small zits. (i know it's not an std because i haven't been in sexual contact with anyone since october and he is completely std-free). i believe they could be the cause of the itching and discomfort i've been experiencing.

i went back to my dr in march, same thing. she took a swab again. it came back negative. she suggested diflucan (oral canesten) so i got some. again, it seemingly worked for about a week. she also gave me elocom creme which i use from time to time if i experience itching. i've noticed my urine has been a bit cloudy too so i did a urine test, came back negative.

when i was there last, which was about 2 weeks ago, i told her i wanted to see a gyne. she was all 'well i can just look at you now' but i really want to go to a specialist for this, and i'm waiting for an appt now.

(i'm 22. technically a virgin. never had any issues down there such as uti's, yeast infections, etc. never really felt the need to see a gyne. dr said she doesn't see the need for an annual pap unless i've become regularly sexual active which hasn't really happened as i haven't had a boyfriend)

i'm starting to get really quite concerned now. does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions about what could be going on? i'm thinking about going back to my dr either this week or next week because it's getting really annoying. if you need any more info just ask and i'll reply to your comment!
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