inmycrease (inmycrease) wrote in vaginapagina,

Dude wheres my period?

Hey Vpers,
Quick question to hopefully put my mind at ease. Some background... I've been on Nora be (mini pill) for just about a year... Before that I was on nuva ring for 2 years. My last period was on march 9th and was longer and crampier than my normal periods ( I think it lasted 5 days ). I have not had an April period. I am consistent with taking my
Pill on time and always take it within an hour to two hour window. I take my pill at 9 pm and earlier this month I had vomiting (food poisoning) that started at 10 am and ended at 3 pm. Despite the vomiting I did not miss taking a pill. Due to a long distance relationship , sex only happens 2-3 times a month. How concerned should I be about pregnancy? Should I test ? How common is it for cycles to be off due to the mini pill? Thanks so much in advance for your time, generosity and wisdom!
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